A Moon Full of Honey 2: Belfast

Some things I’ve learnt in Northern Ireland: How an “unbiased account is a biased one”*** How you’ll struggle to find plaques in inner city Belfast that commemorate those involved in The Troubles. How commemoration itself can be a threat to peace but how one should keep one eye (but not both) on the past. How... Continue Reading →

A Moon Full of Honey: 1. New York

You, New York, are an animal procreating with itself.  Don’t let them take you. Don’t let them take you.  You, New York are varied and all the colours of this and that and you want to differentiate like a being that has sex with itself and makes its own gorgeous instagrammable babies.  You are a... Continue Reading →

That shade of white.

He wears brand named tie-dye, and is still pre yoga-sweat. Middle aged, but ohmygod he obviously juices. He says hello. I just want to go inside, get upside down, shake things loose. Because, yes, maybe I am partial to a bit of a Downward Dog. And, yesokfine, I probably also juice. But the door to the... Continue Reading →

Road Closed

The sign says ROAD CLOSED. This must be where we start. She tells us they were there last night. The road was kept open only for The Woman to receive mail and goods. Sometimes a car would come and take The Woman away. It would always bring her back. We colour in the story by... Continue Reading →

A Good Witch

I have a big, ugly nose. It is the kind of nose that got in the way of first kisses, in some cases as a physical obstacle and in others in terms of them happening at all. It’s a big old honker of a thing, the inspiration for boys to call me Nosey, a living... Continue Reading →

Victoria’s Secrets

“Look at this place. Look. It’s like. It’s. It’s not like North America. It’s. It’s like the UK. It’s like the UK came on holiday and stayed.” “It did. It’s called colonialism.” “Look at this place. Look. It’s like Vancouver if Vancouver were left to be and they didn’t tear down all The Old to... Continue Reading →

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